Scooter the DJ takes command when he performs at Villages town square

The crowd was sliding and gliding and smiles were aplenty recently as Scooter the DJ took command of Spanish Springs Town Square.

The highly popular entertainer, who performs at a Villages town square once a month, was playing popular dance tunes at the recent Christmas in July Cruise In and interacting with the crowd as if they were old friends enjoying a night out together.

“These guys are awesome,” he said during a rare break in his show. “I just love having a good time with these crazy Villagers.”

Scooter, who travels the country entertaining crowds at corporate events and a variety of parties, said he thoroughly enjoys interacting with the crowd.

Everybody stays on their feet as Scooter rocks town square with dance routines that would put exercise guru Richard Simmons to shame.
Mary Riley, of Weirsdale, enjoys a night of dancing alongside Scooter and his many friends in The Villages.

“I love getting them up,” said Scooter, known to some as Michael Miller. “It’s a big challenge to get them up out of their seats, get them dancing, get them doing crazy stuff.”

At a recent show, Scooter had Villagers and area residents on their feet during a highly interactive dance. One could almost see the sponges in the hands of those on the dance floor as Rose Royce’s popular 1976 song “Car Wash” boomed throughout town square.

“Wash the hood of your car!” Scooter belted out while gyrating and making circular motions with his hands. “That’s it. Now wash the top,” he added, as more and more people joined the dance line.”

Scooter the DJ gets the audience moving during a recent show at Spanish Springs Town Square.

“Scooter is awesome,” said Ginny McDonald, who was visiting from Brainerd, Minn, and along with her husband, Mark, recently bought a house in the Villages of Hacienda Hills. “He gets the crowd going and everyone is having a great time.”

McDonald’s sister-in-law, Kristal, also of Brainerd, Minn., agreed.

“I love Scooter getting everyone active and participating,” she said. “He’s very engaging with the group.”

Jada Dent, Ansley Harter, Gage Orvin, Garvin Orvin and Melissa Orvin, all of Georgia, enjoy a night on town square dancing with Scooter the DJ.

For the 57-year-old who lives to entertain, that’s really what it’s all about.

“Audience participation is my thing,” he said. “If you want to sing, if you want to sit there, you’d better be moving your head like a pigeon on a sidewalk. You better be moving or something and having a good time.”

The party runs throughout the night when Scooter the DJ is in the Spanish Springs Gazebo.

That’s exactly what 15-year-olds Ansley Harter and Gage Orvin were doing as they moved across the dance floor alongside people old enough to be their grandparents. But that’s one of the neat things about Scooter – those young and old enjoy his shows.

“We’re visiting Lake Weir from Georgia and we were so happy to see that Scooter was performing here,” said Melissa Orvin, who also had young family members Jada Dent and Garvin Orvin dancing their hearts out. “We don’t miss him when we come down for vacation.”

Melissa Miller, wife of Scooter the DJ – and his inspiration – sells T-shirts and other items to support their entertainment business.
Scooter gets the crowd fired up as Rose Royce’s popular 1976 song ‘Car Wash’ booms through Spanish Springs Town Square.

Of course, one has to wonder if Scooter’s high-energy routine is something that lasts 24/7 or is he a different guy at home? Only one person could answer that question, and she was busy selling T-shirts and other items to support her husband during his show.

“No, he’s not like that all the time,” said Melissa Miller, as she smiled and watched her husband run through some of his antics onstage. “When we first staring dating, I thought, ‘How can I date someone like that?’ But he’s much different at home.’”

While Scooter agreed with that statement, he let his fans in on a little secret.

“She’s like me on the stage at home,” he said of his wife. “So I kick back and I get all the material from her. She’s real quiet when she’s out in public. But at home she’s a nut!”

As for what her husband does for a living, Miller said it’s really very special.

“He has a gift,” she said. “I am so proud of him.”

Cousins Gage Orvin and Ansley Harter, of Georgia, show the crowd how it’s done as Scooter cranks up the music at Spanish Springs Town Square.