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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Third-grader goes on rampage, spits at deputy at Ocala elementary school

A school resource officer was called into action Tuesday when a Marion Oaks Elementary School student started causing a disturbance by throwing things from a reception desk in the office and ripping up papers that were taped to a door.

School staff members attempted to calm the “openly defiant” 8-year-old third-grader several times, but with little success. She hit, kicked and spit at the resource officer, who is a Marion County sheriff’s deputy. And at one point, she removed her shoes and threw them at staff members, a sheriff’s office report states.

The girl also “forcibly” pulled a two-way radio from a staff member and tossed it through the lobby of the school, which is located at 280 Marion Oaks Trail in Ocala. And she even grabbed at the deputy’s duty-belt on the “non-gun side,” the report says.

Eventually, the girl started to calm down and told staff members that she needed to use the restroom. After coming out of the restroom and seeing staff members in the hall waiting for her, the girl said she needed to use it a second time and made a statement that raised concerns with staff members of a possible health problem or other issue, the report says.

After the girl had completely calmed down, she was escorted back to her classroom, where she remained calm and didn’t have another outburst, the report says, adding that the deputy made the Department of Children and Families and a sheriff’s sergeant aware of the incident.