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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ocala elementary school student makes threat to shoot classmates

The school resource officer at Marion Oaks Elementary School in Ocala was called Monday after reports surfaced of a student threatening to shoot two of his classmates.

The student told the guidance counselor that he was in art class and was being picked on by another fifth-grade student when he said “he wished he had a gun to shoot” the other students involved in the conversation, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report states.

Witnesses confirmed the story to the school resource officer, who is a Marion County sheriff’s deputy. One fifth-grader at the school, located at 280 Marion Oaks Drive, also told the deputy that the student started to cry while he was being picked on about his weight and that’s when he made the comment.

The deputy spoke with the student’s grandmother, who said there are firearms in her home but they aren’t accessible. The deputy told her that the type of behavior displayed by the student won’t be tolerated by the school board or the sheriff’s office and could result in legal action, the report says, adding that the school administration followed their procedure for “punitive action” and a deputy was sent to the student’s house to make sure he didn’t have access to firearms.

The boy’s parents also were alerted to the situation and told that the school was handling the disciplinary action, the report says.