Two sisters with a history of violence were arrested last month after a Dunnellon woman and her sons reported being attacked in their own driveway.

Amy Margarita Caban and Natalie Rose Caban

Amy Margarita Caban, 23, was taken into custody in the early morning hours of Nov. 21 at her Dunnellon home, located at 22841 SW 117th St. Her 24-year-old sister, Natalie Rose Caban, was taken into custody this past Wednesday at her apartment, located at 4540 SW 37th Ln. in Ocala.

A Dunnellon woman who lives in the 22500 block of SW 117th Place Rd. called Marion County sheriff’s deputies for help in the early morning hours of Nov. 21 to report that she and her two sons had been attacked by two women who were later identified as the Caban sisters. The woman said she was getting in her car to go to a nearby Wal-Mart when she heard “yelling and screaming coming from down the road.” She said the Caban sisters were approaching her yard when she told them to stay off her property, a sheriff’s office report says.

But the sisters continued to come toward her and “started to punch and pull her hair, knocking her to the ground.” Seconds later, the woman’s sons ran from the house to help their mother. But the sisters “started to punch and pull both of her sons to the ground as well,” the report says.

A deputy noted that the woman’s right eye was bruised and bloodshot. It also was documented in the report that one son’s arms and elbows were bruised, while the other one had bruising on his forehead and elbows.

Both of the sons told deputies they had heard screaming outside the house and went outside to help their mother. One told deputies that he “did not want to punch the women so he was pushing them and that’s when he was pulled to the ground and sat on” by both sisters, the report says.

The other son said he came to the aid of both his mother and brother and was hit in the head and knocked to the ground, the report says.

A witness told deputies that she was in her front yard when she saw the sisters come “out of the darkness of the road” and start yelling at the woman before punching her with closed-hand fists and pulling her hair. The witness confirmed that both sons came to the aid of their mother and were quickly attacked as well, the report says, adding that the witness knew the women and gave deputies directions to their house.

A short time later, deputies made contact with Amy Caban, who came outside her house to speak with them. Her sister, Natalie, however, refused to exit the house, the report says.

Deputies attempted to read Amy Caban her rights but she “got up and attempted to back inside her residence. Deputies told her she was being placed under arrest and she continued to pull away before they finally were able to place her in handcuffs after a “brief struggle,” the report says.

Deputies again attempted to read Amy Caban her rights but she said she didn’t understand them, so they didn’t question her about the incident. She was transported to the Marion County Jail, where she was charged with three counts of battery (second or subsequent offense) and resisting/obstructing an officer without violence. She was released Tuesday, Nov. 27 on $31,000 bond and is due in court this coming Wednesday, Dec. 5 and again on Dec. 26 to answer to the charges.

A warrant was issued for Natalie Caban’s arrest on Monday, Nov. 26 and she was taken into custody two days later at her apartment, located at 4540 SW 37th Ln. in Ocala. She was charged with three counts of battery and released Thursday morning on $3,000 bond.

The Caban sisters are no strangers to the Marion County legal system. Amy Caban has been in the Marion County Jail seven times since April 2014. She has been arrested four times this year and on July 13, pleaded guilty/no contest to a domestic violence charge and also was found guilty of driving under the influence with a passenger under the age of 18 in the vehicle. She was sentenced to probation for one year in both cases, Marion County court records show.

Natalie Caban was found guilty on April 28 of possession of an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. She was sentenced to 10 days in the county jail, with credit for two days served, and ordered to pay $510.50.

On July 3, a judge withheld adjudication on charges of violating a conditional release on prior domestic violence charges and sentenced her to 22 days in the county jail, with credit for the same amount of time served. She also was ordered to pay the court $1,576.50.