Battle following YouTube video session in bed lands Silver Springs man behind bars

Lyle Allen Brooks

A Silver Springs man was arrested Monday night after a violent altercation broke out following a session of watching YouTube videos in bed.

Lyle Allen Brooks, 50, told Marion County Sheriff’s deputies that he was lying in bed with a woman and they were watching videos when she asked to borrow his car. Brooks said he didn’t want her to use the vehicle because had “had to go to work and she does not have a valid driver’s license,” a sheriff’s office report states.

Brooks said he and the woman started arguing and she “punched him in the face and head.” He said she also took a knife and slashed the vehicle’s rear passenger-side tire, the report says.

The woman told deputies a much different story. She confirmed that the they were in bed watching YouTube videos on her phone but said Brooks began to fall asleep so she turned it off. She said he then got upset and started yelling at her and mentioned the car.

The woman said Brooks pushed her off the bed and she landed on a milk crate. She said she got up and continued to argue and Brooks then “punched her in the face,” the report says.

The woman told deputies that she hit Brooks after he had struck her and admitted to slashing the tire. But she said the car belongs to her, the report says.

Deputies noted blood on the woman’s face, a laceration to her inner upper lip and a red area in the center of her back where the skin was scraped off. They also took note of “numerous yellow and brown bruises” on the woman’s body that she said were caused by Brooks over the past few weeks.

The woman also claimed that Brooks “abuses her on a regular basis” and said he had been arrested for battery against her in the past, the report says.

Brooks told deputies that he didn’t know how the woman received her injuries. He said she “possibly fell” but could not explain how she had injuries on both sides of her body. And he claimed that he “never touched” the woman, though he did admit that he was arrested for battery several months ago and records show that he was convicted in Sumter County in November 2017, the report says.

Brooks was transported to the Marion County Jail, where he was charged with domestic battery. He was being held on $2,000 bond and is due in court Jan. 8 at 9 a.m. to answer to the charge.