Bedroom battle lands Ocklawaha man behind bars after woman calls for help

Richard McCabe Timberlake

An Ocklawaha man is being held in the Marion County Jail without bond for allegedly holding a woman against her will and battering her over the course of several days.

The victim told Marion County sheriff’s deputies Sunday that she came to the home of Richard McCabe Timberlake, 37, of 6658 SE 171st Court for moral support for drug court.

She said Timberlake’s family was supposed to drive her home to Kissimmee, but instead returned her to his residence.

The victim said she spent the next two days trying to find a way home but nobody would help. She said Timberlake became verbally abusive and began holding her down and standing in her way when she tried to leave. She said she managed to escape Friday by jumping out Timberlake’s truck. She called several friends and family from a convenience store but received no help, so she called Timberlake to come get her, a sheriff’s office report states.

When they returned to Timberlake’s home, he allegedly locked her in a bedroom and held her down, preventing her from leaving. The victim said Timberlake attempted to have sex with her on Sunday, but she rejected his advances and he slammed her onto the bed and his shoulder hit her in the ribs, the report says.

Timberlake told deputies the victim is the one who came to his home and when she began hitting and scratching him during consensual sex, he pushed her on the bed to stop her. He said the victim has a history of making false reports against him.

Deputies checked Timberlake’s record and found previous reports of domestic violence and alleged sex crimes. Due to his history and the nature of the allegations, they determined there is a fear of further violence and arrested him.

Timberlake was charged with kidnapping and domestic battery. He’ll answer to the charges in Marion County Court on Feb. 5.