Ocala burger eatery closed after health inspector finds live roaches

An Ocala burger restaurant was shut down last week right before the lunch rush when a health inspector found two violations – one listed as high priority.

A health inspector visited Stack’M Burger & Fries, located at 101 SW 60th Ave. in Ocala, last week and cited roach activity in the eatery on two different days.

The inspector visited Stack’M Burger & Fries, located at 101 SW 60th Ave., on Monday, Jan. 14 and reported finding 16 live roaches behind a small reach-in cooler and another one under a reach-in cooler on the cookline, according to an inspector’s report on file with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The inspector also cited the restaurant for an intermediate violation for having no proof of required, state-approved training provided for any employees, the report says.

The inspector returned to the restaurant the following day and found 12 dead roaches inside a cabinet at the cookline. The eatery also still didn’t have proof of employee training and remained closed, the report says.

The inspector made a third visit on Wednesday, Jan. 16 and reported that the high-priority violation for roach activity inside the eatery had been handled. The violation for the employee training was cited again but the restaurant was given more time to take care of that issue. The eatery was then allowed to reopen shortly before the lunch hour.