Ocala private school moms square off in parking lot battle

Two mothers of students at a private school in Ocala were spared from going to jail after a scuffle in the school parking lot.

According the Marion County sheriff’s deputy who serves as the school resource officer at Horizon Academy, one of the mothers called her and said she had gotten out of her car to confront the other mother in the parking lot for what she considered to be reckless driving. She reported that the other mother got out of her car and tried to hit her but failed to make contact.

The deputy followed up with the second mother, who said she was preparing to pull away from the car line when the first mother aggressively knocked on her window. She said she intentionally used her car door to hit the other woman, who responded by hitting her in the face. She then jumped out of the vehicle and the two got into a physical altercation, a sheriff’s office report says.

The school’s car-line monitor said she saw the first mother get out of her car, approach the second mother’s car and bang on the window. She then saw the second mother open her door and get immediately struck by the first mother. She said the two began fighting at that point and continued until being separated by another school employee, the report says.

The deputy decided not to make an arrest and the case was closed.