Deputy swings into action at Belleview school after report of gun on campus

The school resource officer at Belleview High School was called for help Monday afternoon amid reports of a possibly armed student on campus.

The resource officer, who is a Marion County sheriff’s deputy, spoke with the school’s dean of students, who said he was advised by email that a teacher overheard students talking about a student carrying a gun at the school, which is located at 10400 SE 36th Ave.

The deputy and the dean removed the student from his classroom and took him to a private office. The deputy then searched him for weapons but found none, a sheriff’s office report states.

When asked about the reports of having a weapon, the student said he had copied song lyrics to Snapchat and they mentioned the word Glock, which is a manufacturer of semi-automatic pistols. The student said another student “used his imagination from there” and that’s why he doesn’t speak with that person, the report says.

The student’s parent was advised of his son being searched and the circumstances involved. And a patrol deputy was asked to meet with the parent and find out if there are weapons in the home and if the student would have access to them, the report says.