Marijuana incident lands two Belleview High School students in hot water

A school resource officer at Belleview High School was called last week to assist in a disciplinary issue involving two students suspected of smoking marijuana in the gym.

The resource officer, who is a Marion County sheriff’s deputy, was called to the meeting with the school’s assistant principal and the two students this past Wednesday afternoon at the school, located at 10400 SE 36th Ave. in Belleview. Each student accused the other having possession of the drug and using it on campus, a sheriff’s office report states.

The assistant principal obtained a confession from one of the students that pinpointed the location of the marijuana. A short time later, the assistant principal met with the other student and recovered a marijuana bowl she had hidden in her bra, the report says, adding that residue on the piece of clothing field tested positive for THC.

It was decided that the incident would be handled by the school. The deputy took possession of the bowl of marijuana and the residue and both were placed into evidence to be destroyed, the report says.