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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

School resource officer swings into action after Ocala third-grader makes death threat

A school resource officer was quickly called into action last week amid reports that a third-grader at an Ocala elementary school had threatened to kill a classmate and his family.

The principal at Shady Hill Elementary School, located at 5959 S Magnolia Ave. in Ocala, told the resource officer – who is a Marion County sheriff’s deputy – that a 9-year-old boy apparently had gotten upset last Thursday with another student over an issue with some pencils and made the death threats, a sheriff’s office report states.

The student then texted his mother and told her he would be bringing a razor to school to “shove it” in another student’s face. And he made mention of burying someone in his garden, though that portion of the sheriff’s office report was mostly redacted.

It was determined that the student didn’t fit the criteria for a Baker Act, though he was recommended for anger management classes. And the resource officer requested that another deputy respond to the student’s home to make sure any weapons there were out of his reach and locked up, the report says.

The resource officer then called the student’s mother to advise her of the incident. She said the principal already had phoned her and she knew about it. The resource officer told her that another deputy was on the way to her home and she assured him that all firearms at her residence were “locked up and out of reach” of the student, the report says.

The principal told the resource officer that the student would be suspended for two days and that a level two threat assessment would be completed on him. The resource officer then referred the case to the sheriff’s office’s Crisis Intervention and Juvenile units.