Belleview man behind bars and facing third charge of battering elderly victim

Joe Russell Hosch

A Belleview man is in the Marion County Jail after being charged with domestic battery of a person 65 years or older for the third time in 18 months.

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of a disturbance at a home on SE 55th Avenue Road on Sunday morning but was unable to locate the victim. Instead, he talked to Joe Russell Hosch, 49, and told him about the reported disturbance. Hosch said there was no disturbance, a sheriff’s office report states.

Another deputy found the victim walking in the area and brought her back to the home, where she said a verbal altercation with Hosch became physical around midnight when he pushed her several times. She said she also was battered later in the morning before she called 911 but was having problems remembering exactly what happened, the report says.

Deputies observed a cut on the victim’s left elbow and cuts on the front and back of her hand that appeared fresh. She said Hosch was responsible for the injuries but couldn’t remember how they happened. She did say she bought a small bench recently, and that Hosch threw it during the altercation, causing it to break, the report says, adding that deputies observed a small wooden bench with broken legs several feet from the front steps of the residence.

Hosch, who continued to deny the allegations, was previously arrested on the same charge in September 2017 and May 2018. He’s being held on $5,000 bond and will answer to the most recent charge in Marion County Court on April 9.