Window-punching Ocala man taunts pregnant woman he’s accused of battering

Kaydrian Laron Blunt

An Ocala man taunted his victim by yelling at her about her unborn baby as he was being walked to a patrol vehicle while being arrested for allegedly battering a pregnant woman.

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy responded late Saturday night to a residence on SW 109th Place, where the victim reported that Kaydrian Laron Blunt, 23, was acting violent and breaking things.

The deputy observed that Blunt, who was standing next to the front door of the house, was bleeding from his arms and had blood on his shorts. When asked what happened and how he was injured, Blunt told the deputy he didn’t want to talk to him. Blunt then became irate and started yelling, so he was handcuffed and taken to the patrol car, a sheriff’s office report states.

The victim said that Blunt got home from a party and she believed he was high and under the influence of alcohol. She said he became irate with the victim’s mother first, and when the victim told him to stop yelling, Blunt got in her face and poked her in the forehead with his right index finger. According to the victim, when the victim’s mother got between her and Blunt, he became out of control and punched out the back window of a tan Chrysler vehicle that was nearby, the report says.

The vehicle owner said she saw Blunt and the victim in a verbal altercation and then Blunt poking her in the forehead, followed by him punching her window out. She estimated the damage at over $1,000.

The victim’s mother said Blunt came home with a bad attitude and started a verbal altercation with her. She said she saw Blunt poke the victim in the forehead and damage the vehicle. She said she feared the physical altercation wouldn’t stop, so she and the victim got in her car and left until law enforcement arrived, the report says.

Blunt refused to speak to the deputy. He was charged with domestic battery on a pregnant victim and criminal mischief with property damage of $1,000 or more. He remains in the Marion County Jail on $6,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on April 16.