Woman’s wig flies off her head during ‘tussle’ between Ocala couple

Travis Lenard Weaver

An Ocala man admitted he and a woman “tussled” and that he pulled her wig off, but he denied choking the victim during a domestic altercation late Sunday night.

Travis Lenard Weaver, 57, of SW 178th Street, is being held without bond in the Marion County Jail after being charged with domestic battery by strangulation and domestic battery by touching or striking.

The victim told Marion County sheriff’s deputies that the argument started when she came home after being gone for the weekend. She said she was standing in the kitchen when Weaver asked her where she had been. When she told him, he allegedly grabbed her around the throat and said, “I’m gonna kill you,” a sheriff’s office report states.

The victim said she was able to get Weaver’s hands off her neck but that he then grabbed her by the back of the neck with his left hand and around the waist with his right arm. She said she grabbed a crystal whale ornament and used it to hit Weaver on the top of his right hand to get him to let go. She then left the residence and went to the Pilot gas station at 2020 SW Hwy. 484, where she called 911, the report says.

The deputy observed a scratch mark on the victim’s right cheek, but due to her complexion he was unable to see any redness around her throat or neck, the report says.

When questioned by deputies at his home, Weaver said the victim attacked him and he admitted that they “tussled.” He denied choking the victim and couldn’t explain the scratch mark on her cheek, the report says.

The deputy observed a scratch on the top of Weaver’s right hand. He claimed the victim hit him with something but he was unsure what it was.

Based on the injuries being consistent with the victim’s story, Weaver was arrested. He’s scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on April 23.