Homeless woman calls 911 for ride to shelter and ends up lodged at Marion County Jail

Kathleen Jean Woodward

A woman who called 911 ended up being the one arrested after a domestic disturbance at a Silver Springs home on Wednesday.

Kathleen Jean Woodward, 32, who is homeless, told Marion County sheriff’s deputies that she only called 911 so she could be taken with her belongings to a shelter. She was charged with domestic battery for allegedly kicking the stomach and punching the face of a woman who was trying to kick her out of a residence on NE 14th Street Rd.

The victim had multiple scratch marks and a purple bruise forming on her right cheek. She also was bleeding slightly from her lower lip. The victim said Woodward was upstairs and allegedly high on some type of narcotic, a sheriff’s office report states.

Deputies noted that Woodward seemed to be under the influence of a narcotic and was not making sense with her answers about the incident. She said the victim came into the room and advised her that she needed to leave. Woodward said the victim “put her hands on her,” but couldn’t explain how. After being asked several times how the victim battered her, she said the only reasons she called law enforcement was so could be taken to a shelter.

Woodward was lodged in the Marion County Jail, where she remains on $1,000 bond. She’ll appear in Marion County Court on April 17.