City council honors North Marion High School student recognized as Disney Dreamer

The Ocala City Council gave special recognition to a North Marion High School student who was honored recently by Disney during their general meeting on Tuesday.

Kevant Gross, a 17-year-old senior that recently graduated from the high school, was chosen by Disney as one of the 100 students included in this year’s Dreamers’ Academy.

Alongside his mother, Quintina Richardson Keaton, and his teacher, Marlene Morrison, Gross was honored with a proclamation from Mayor Kent Guinn and City Council President Mary S. Rich that described his academic journey for excellence.

Kevant Gross
Kevant Gross is honored by Mayor Kent Guinn (right) and City Council President Mary S. Rich (second from left). Gross’ gave credit to his teacher, Marlene Morrison (right), and mother, Quintina Richardson Keaton (middle), during the proclamation.

“”The things that make a Dreamer stand out are intellectual curiosity – a love for learning and creativity; compassion – caring for those around you; courage – facing obstacles with poise and maturity; a positive outlook and a generous spirit; and optimism about the future,” read Guinn.

To read the full proclamation recognizing Gross, click here. 

Gross went on to thank his mother for her encouragement over the years and gave a special thanks to his teacher.

“Wherever the wind takes me. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I ran into [Mrs. Morrison] in the hallway” said Gross in recognition of Morrison’s efforts that helped give him direction and make a profound impact on his life.

“We’re so proud of you. It’s not often that you get to see black, young men, being honored for being good,” said Rich.

“We just want to honor you and let you know, we appreciate what you’re doing and continue on the path that you’re going on,” added Rich.

Gross, who has plans to someday become an entrepreneur, was an active student during his time at North Marion High School, participating in National Honors Society, Student Government Association, weightlifting, and North Marion’s Academic Team, to name a few.

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