Teen raises ruckus at Belleview Middle School

Belleview Middle School

A school resource officer from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office had to restrain a 15-year-old student at Belleview Middle School who went berserk after learning he might be suspended for allegedly threatening another student.

The school’s dean told the resource officer on Tuesday that he received an email from a teacher that said she overheard the juvenile subject threaten to beat up another student. When told about the email, the subject became irate and irrational about possibly being suspended for the rest of the school year, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The subject said if he was going to be suspended, he was going to give the dean a reason to suspend him and beat up the other student, who was in the discipline office. The resource officer was able to step in front of the subject and close the office door before he could get to the student. The subject then punched the concrete wall with his right hand and became even more irate, the report said.

The subject asked the resource officer to move several times so he could get to the other student, and he continued to yell and scream to be let out of the room. He then turned his attention towards the dean and said he would fight him. He started moving towards the dean, but the resource officer stopped him and directed him to a wall to restrain him, according to the report.

The resource officer asked the dean to leave the office, which helped calm the subject. The subject calmed down even more when he spoke to his mother on the phone, the report said.

Once the subject was calm, the resource officer escorted him to the clinic so the school nurse could examine his right hand. The subject’s hand didn’t appear to be swollen, but he continued to complain it was hurting. The subject was given and ice pack and taken to the assistant principal’s office, where he remained until he was picked up and taken home by his sister.