Silver Springs man charged with throwing sucker punch at O’Malley’s Alley

Carlos Cruzado

A Silver Springs man was arrested for allegedly sucker punching another man at a bar in downtown Ocala.

Carlos Cruzado, 43, was charged with simple battery after the altercation, which happened shortly after midnight Wednesday at O’Malley’s Alley, 24 S. Magnolia Ave.

An Ocala Police officer was on routine patrol when he heard yelling in the area of the downtown square. He observed the victim walking on the sidewalk yelling at people across the street. The victim told the officer he was inside the bar when he was hit by another man, according to the OPD report.

The victim didn’t have much information, but a witness said they were at the outside bar and some words were exchanged throughout the night between the victim and Cruzado. The witness said other than a few words, everyone was able to get along and keep to themselves, the report said.

The witness said she, the victim and their friends were still socializing at the bar when Cruzado walked up to the victim and hit him in the face multiple times for no reason. She said security separated the parties, having Cruzado and his party leave out the front door and the victim and his party exit through the back door. The witness said they did not intend to run into Cruzado and his friends outside the establishment while walking to their vehicles, according to the report.

The bartender said the victim was intoxicated. She said she observed him talking to women who came to the bar with Cruzado, but then he walked back to where his friends were. The bartender said moments later, Cruzado walked up to the victim and hit him multiple times. She and multiple patrons said Cruzado hit the victim randomly, the report said.

Cruzado admitted to the officer he hit the victim. He said the last time they were both at O’Malley’s, Cruzado’s sister told him that the victim touched her on the arm and she was uncomfortable. Cruzado said on this night, his sister pointed out the victim as the man who touched her the last time they were there. He said he then walked up to the victim and punched him, according to the report.

Cruzado was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was released Thursday on $1,000 bond. He’s scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on July 8.