Ocala hotel guest jailed after choking employee over Wi-Fi service issue

A violent altercation Monday night over a lack of Wi-Fi service in a local hotel room left an Alabama man behind bars.

Ocala Police officers were called to the Holiday Inn & Suites, located at 3600 SW 38th Ave., and when they arrived, a hotel employee told them he had been attacked by a guest. The employee said he was working behind the counter when he was approached by a man later identified as 47-year-old Chadwick T. Wilson, who was upset because the Wi-Fi service in his room wasn’t working, a police report states.

Chadwick T. Wilson, 47, of Alabama, was charged with felony battery with strangulation on Monday night after an employee at the Holiday Inn & Suites at 3600 SW 38th Ave. claimed that he choked him over a lack of Wi-Fi service in his room.

The employee claimed that Wilson became upset during the conversation and jumped over the counter. He said Wilson then grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into a wall. And he said he couldn’t breathe while he was being choked, the report says.

Officers confirmed the details of the incident with another hotel employee and then reviewed video surveillance footage of the attack. The clerk told them he wanted to press charges and said Wilson was sitting outside the hotel smoking a cigarette.

Officers then made contact with Wilson, who admitted that he had gone over the counter and tried to choke the employee. He said he was “being an (expletive deleted)” and then refused to provide further details about the attack, the report says, added that as he was being taken into custody, Wilson uttered, “I knew when I did it that I was gonna get arrested.”

Wilson, of Grand Bay, Ala., was transported to the Marion County Jail and charged with felony battery with strangulation. He was released Tuesday night on $2,000 bond and is due in court Aug. 13 at 9 a.m. to answer to the charge.