Hungry pregnant woman jailed after tussle with boyfriend over breakfast

Melinda M. Schlick

A pregnant Ocala woman was arrested after allegedly striking her boyfriend during an argument that started when he wouldn’t make her breakfast.

Melinda M. Schlick, 33, was charged with dating violence after the incident, which happened Wednesday morning. The victim told an Ocala Police officer he and Schlick have been together nine months and that she is two months pregnant with his child, according to the OPD report.

The victim said Schlick asked him to make her breakfast and he declined, which caused Schlick to engage in a verbal altercation with him. He said Schlick demanded that he leave the residence, which he refused to do unless he was given $100 that she owed him. The victim said she gave him $30, but he refused to leave until he got $100, the report said.

The victim said Schlick struck him in the head and face approximately 10 times. The officer did not observe any injuries to the victim’s head and face, but he observed a small abrasion on his left pinky finger. The victim declined EMS evaluation, according to the report.

Schlick said she and the victim were arguing about their relationship and the victim’s refusal to go to work for the day. She said she wanted him to leave the residence, which he refused unless he was given $100 remaining from his paycheck. Shlick said in an attempt to get the victim to leave, she began pulling on his legs while he was sitting on the living room couch, the report said.

Schlick said she grabbed the victim’s hands to pull him off the couch, which caused the abrasion to his finger. She said he pushed her in the chest area during the altercation. The officer didn’t observe any injuries to Schlick, who also declined EMS evaluation, according to the report.

Schlick’s minor children were inside the residence during the altercation, although they said they did not observe it. The children were left in the custody of a family friend while Schlick was taken to the Marion County Jail. She was released Thursday on $100 bond, and she’ll appear in Marion County Court on July 30.