Phone-breaking Ocala man accused of backing his vehicle into ex-girlfriend

Luke Wyatt McKinney

An Ocala man was arrested after he allegedly roughed up his ex-girlfriend, broke her cell phone, and struck her with his car.

Luke Wyatt McKinney, 33, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon (dating violence), simple battery (dating violence), and criminal mischief with property damage of less than $200 after the incident, which happened July 14.

The victim told an Ocala Police officer she spent the previous night at McKinney’s home, where he lives with another woman. She said she called McKinney, who wasn’t at the residence, at around 1 p.m. and asked him to drive her home to Hernando, according to the OPD report.

The victim said McKinney was upset when he arrived home and immediately grabbed her phone and slammed it on an entertainment stand, breaking it. She said McKinney then threw the phone at her and slapped her on the upper rear portion of her right leg, causing a large red mark, before leaving the residence, the report said.

The victim said she went to a neighbor’s home to use a phone to call her mother to come pick her up. While the victim was waiting for her ride, McKinney returned to the house and she was able to get her belongings out of the gold Honda Accord he was driving, according to the report

The victim said she decided to obtain McKinney’s license number so she could report him to the police. She said when McKinney saw her walk behind the car to look at the license tag, he began to back into her, causing her to stumble backwards. He then accelerated through the front yard and exited onto the roadway, the report said.

The neighbor who allowed the victim to use his phone told the officer he was outside and saw a man in a gold Honda Accord back his vehicle into the victim. The witness said McKinney kept looking back as he backed into the victim and he pushed her 4 to 6 feet, according to the report.

The officer observed minor swelling on the back of the victim’s right leg and black marks from the vehicle on the victim’s left leg. The victim didn’t require EMS treatment, the report said.

A probable cause affidavit was issued for McKinney, who was arrested Tuesday and taken to the Marion County Jail. McKinney was still being held Friday on $5,000 bond, and he’ll appear in Marion County Court on Aug. 20.