Authentic Cuban food, cozy atmosphere at Latin American Cafe

Authentic Cuban food and a cozy atmosphere are the main tenants that have made Latin American Cafe an Ocala mainstay for nearly a decade.

Located at the intersection of NE 25th Avenue and NE 14th Street (1427 NE 25th Ave), Latin American Cafe recently applied for and received an alcohol permit from the Ocala City Council and confirmed that they will be moving across the street into the Oakbrook Plaza. 

The restaurant bills itself as serving up authentic Cuban cuisine, including cafe con leche, congri (mixed black beans and rice), lechon (roasted pork), maduros (sweet plantains) and fresh-baked Cuban bread and pastries (which they bake each day).

Congri at Latin American Cafe
Congri is a traditional Cuban dish made by mixing black beans with white rice
Maduros at Latin American Cafe
Maduros are made fresh to order from ripe, sweet plantains
Lechon at Latin American Cafe
A classic dish in Cuba and Puerto Rico, lechon is seasoned, roasted pork

Decorated with flags from a variety of Latin American countries, the location is cozy and is frequently filled with patrons during the daily lunch rush. The cafe’s success has translated into a need for a bigger building to address the growing customer base that they’ve developed over the last decade in Ocala.

Latin American Cafe
Latin American Cafe has a brightly decorated dining room

The restaurant is perhaps most well-known for its sandwiches, offering the traditional Cuban amidst a backdrop of other classics, all prepared to perfection on the restaurant’s sandwich press. The empanadas (meat pastries), which are a popular choice with many, are freshly fried and only $1.50, offering a quick snack for any passerby.

Empanadas at Latin American Cafe
Empanada de carne (beef pastry) at Latin American Cafe

Drinks from all around Latin America are featured, including Cuban classics like Kola champagne (a soda similar to cream soda), Mexican favorites like Jarritos, and Puerto Rican maltas.

The restaurant also offers some favorite Hispanic desserts that are all made from scratch including tres leches cake, flan, and bread pudding.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is closed on Sunday.

Read more about the restaurant’s hours, menu, and reviews on the Latin American Cafe website.

If you have not yet visited Latin American Cafe, make sure to stop by and tell them that we sent you! And if you have, make sure to share your photos and comments with us below, through a letter to the editor, or through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!