Café inside Frank DeLuca YMCA temporarily shut down by health inspector

An eatery that’s located inside the Frank DeLuca YMCA in Ocala was shut down recently by a health inspector.

Café Crisp, which is located inside the Frank DeLuca YMCA building at 3200 SE 17th St., was forced to close recently after a health inspector cited seven violations in the restaurant.

Café Crisp, which posted a new menu on its Facebook page on Tuesday featuring wraps and sandwiches, burgers, lettuce wraps, tacos, quesadillas, flatbreads, salads and a variety of bowl dishes, was forced to temporarily close last Wednesday after the inspector found seven violations – four of which were labeled as high priority – at the café, a report on file with the Department of Business and Professional Standards states.

The most egregious of the violations centered on live roaches found inside the restaurant on the floor near a reach-in freezer and behind an oven and live flies in the kitchen. The other high-priority violations were for rolls of raw ground beef stored over an open bag of corn and pesticide powder placed behind a reach-in cooler.

An intermediate violation was cited for an accumulation of food debris/grease on the interior of an oven and a drawer under cooking equipment. And basic violations were recorded for a cup with no handle being used as a scoop inside a container of granola and dead roaches on the floor under a reach-in cooler, behind an oven and next to cooking equipment.

The health inspector returned to Café Crisp, located at 3200 SE 17th St., on Thursday and found no violations. The eatery was then allowed to reopen shortly before 8:30 a.m.