Rainy day crashes keep Ocala firefighters scrambling

Ocala firefighters scrambled to two vehicle crashes on a rainy Wednesday.

First, a semi jackknifed on Interstate 75 around 9 a.m., causing traffic issues for several hours. The incident blocked all northbound lanes and forced traffic to be diverted to State Road 40 at exit 352.

Crews from Ocala Fire Rescue responded Wednesday to a jackknifed semi on Interstate 75 and a vehicle that crashed into a building.

Later in the day, crews from Ocala Fire Rescue also responded to an incident where a vehicle crashed into a building. There were no injuries in either incidents.

Firefighters are encouraging motorists to be extra careful in the rainy conditions. They warn that roadways will be wet and sometimes slippery and suggest that motorists:

  • Turn headlights on;
  • Do not use cruise control;
  • Keep a safe distance between yours and other vehicles;
  • Slow down;
  • Be patient; and.
  • If you find your vehicle hydroplaning, stay calm and do not slam on the brakes.