Ocala couple jailed on battery charges after nasty early morning spat

Brendt P. Dillon

An Ocala man and his on-again, off-again girlfriend of seven years were both arrested after an argument over their parents turned physical.

Brendt P. Dillon, 32, and Mikayla R. Weitzenecker, 33, were charged with simple domestic battery after the incident, which happened early Monday at Dillon’s trailer at Oak Tree Village, 4039 NW Blichton Road.

Dillon’s father, who lives next door, reported the disturbance at around 4:30 a.m. He told an Ocala Police officer that his son’s ex-girlfriend, Weitzenecker, was causing a disturbance. He said she was screaming and is not supposed to be at the residence. He said Weitzenecker was sitting in his son’s car, according to the police report.

Mikayla R. Weitzenecker

Weitzenecker, who had a bloody mark on her chest, said she and Dillon were hanging out at the residence all day with their child. She said they were watching a movie when Dillon mentioned her deceased parents. Weitzenecker said she got angry and returned an insult about Dillon’s parents, the report said.

Weitzenecker said Dillon told her to leave, and she said no. She said Dillon then began throwing her belongings out of the trailer, and when she told him to stop, he grabbed her and pushed her outside. Weitzenecker said Dillon’s hands were near her neck, which was consistent with injuries the officer observed, according to the report.

Weitzenecker said she fell down the four steps outside the trailer and told Dillon she needed the rest of her belongings. She had red scratches on her back consistent with falling down stairs. Weitzenecker first said Dillon went inside and then began stacking her belongings neatly outside and was no longer being “disrespectful.” When interviewed a second time, Weitzenecker said Dillon landed on her and struck her with his fist on the left side of the door, the report said.

Weitzenecker said she went back up to the door and told Dillon she wasn’t leaving without their juvenile child. She said Dillon then pushed her a second time and landed on her again. She said he didn’t strike her this time, but got off her and retreated back into the trailer. Weitzenecker said she didn’t strike Dillon, although he might have marks on him due to their struggle on the ground, according to the report.

Dillon told the officer that Weitzenecker is banned from the property, per the landlord, unless she is retrieving belongings. He said she came over unannounced on Sunday morning to drop off toys for their child. He said he let this slide and the two got along while together, the report said.

Dillon said Weitzenecker left the trailer and called later in the day to say she was coming to pick up belongings. He said she arrived and they began hanging out. He said there came a point where Weitzenecker’s mood suddenly changed and she couldn’t stand up straight. Dillon said he checked his liquor bottle, which was supposed to have liquor in it, and it was empty, and he suspected Weitzenecker drank it, according to the report.

Dillon said he told Weitzenecker leave the residence, as she does not pay rent and is not on the lease. She refused to leave, so he began placing her belongings outside the trailer. Dillon said Weitzenecker approached him and pushed him against the wall next to the door. He said the two got into a scuffle and he pulled Weitzenecker outside the door. Dillon said he “placed” Weitzenecker on the bottom step, walked inside the trailer, and locked the door, the report said.

After interviewing Weitzenecker a second time, the officer returned to Dillon and questioned him about Weitzenecker falling on the ground and him landing on her. He said once she pushed him and he opened the door, he took her outside and both fell due to her swinging her hands at him. Dillon said they landed side-by-side and Weitzenecker rolled on top of him. He said there was no second fall, according to the report.

Dillon’s father told the officer he was asleep when he was awakened by the sound of the couple’s child screaming because of the argument. He said he came outside and saw Dillon and Weitzenecker at the door of Dillon’s trailer. He said he saw Weitzenecker striking Dillon with her hands in his face area. At that point, Dillon’s father took the child into his trailer and called 911. He said he didn’t observe anything else physical, the report said.

Dillon and Weitzenecker were taken separately to the Marion County Jail. Dillon was released Tuesday on $500 bond, while Weitzenecker remains held on $500 bond. They’ll see each other in Marion County Court on Sept. 6.