Pickup slams into gasoline tanker and lodges under trailer in Silver Springs Boulevard crash

Crews from Ocala Fire Rescue and officers from the Ocala Police Department scrambled to a vehicle collision late Sunday morning involving a semi gasoline hauler and a pickup truck.

The driver of a Ford F-150 pickup escaped injury Sunday after running into a RaceTrac gasoline hauler and getting stuck under the trailer.

Firefighters were told that the driver of the Ford F-150 pickup was possibly trapped in his vehicle, which was lodged under the trailer of the RacTrac gasoline hauler in the 3500 block of W Silver Springs Blvd. The crash occurred at 11:41 a.m., directly in front of a RaceTrac minimart near Interstate 75, where it appeared the semi had been coming from.

When crews from Tower 1, Engine 4 and Rescue 4 arrived, along with a battalion chief and safety officer, they discovered that the driver of the pickup wasn’t trapped and there was no fuel leaking from either vehicle.

A Class D wrecker had to be called in to lift the trailer of a RaceTrac semi gasoline hauler off a Ford F-150 pickup truck after a late-morning crash Sunday in the 3500 block of Silver Springs Boulevard.

Firefighters then secured the scene while medics assessed potential patients. Neither driver was injured and no one was transported to area hospitals. An Ocala motorist reported seeing the pickup driver suffering from some cuts but out walking and talking to others at the crash scene.

Firefighters remained on scene until a Class D wrecker arrived to lift the fuel tanker off the pickup so the roadway could be cleared.