Reilly Arts Center hosting open auditions for ‘Odd Couple’ on Aug 19

The Reilly Arts Center is holding open auditions for the upcoming show, Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple” (hosted by Insomniac Theatre Company, Inc.) on August 19 and 20.

Auditions will be held at 7 p.m. at the Reilly Arts Center (500 NE 9th St) and potential callbacks will take place on August 21. Those chosen will receive a stipend per performance. Actors must be 17 years old and older. All genders, races, and types are invited to audition.

What to expect:

– When you first arrive you will fill out an audition form and get your picture taken.
– Once everyone has arrived we will discuss the show and then assign sides.
– Once sides are assigned we will do some cold readings and group work.

Rehearsal schedule:

– Rehearsals will begin August 26th
– Tech week begins: Sunday, September 22nd
– All actors will only be allowed to miss one rehearsal with prior permission by director.

Performance Schedule:

– Friday, September 27th, @ 7:30 PM
– Saturday, September 28th @ 3:00 PM
– Saturday, September 28th @ 7:30 PM
– Call times for actors are one hour and fifteen minutes before showtime.

About the play:

The Odd Couple gives us the story of Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar, the iconic duo that has spawned countless movies, TV shows, spinoffs, and the like. Oscar is a man who enjoys his creature comforts and isn’t one to care about the state of his environment as long as he’s happy. Felix is only happy when everything around him is perfect. This spells doom after Felix and his wife get divorced, leaving him with nowhere to go, and his poker buddy Oscar opens up a room for him. Little did Oscar know just how much Felix would transform his home and habits, and little did Felix know how grumpy and ungrateful Oscar would be…and little did they know how much they could learn from each other. With a cast of larger-than-life characters, zany antics, and more than a little poker in-between, The Odd Couple is a show sure to leave the audience rolling in the aisles…the steam-cleaned, Lysol-sprayed, freshly trimmed aisles!

The Characters:

Oscar Madison – A pleasant, appealing man. He seems to enjoy life to the fullest. He enjoys his weekly poker game, his friends, his excessive drinking, and his cigars. He is also one of those lucky creatures in life who even enjoys his work, a sportswriter for the New York Post. His carefree attitude is evident in the sloppiness of his household, but it seems to bother others more than it does Oscar. This is all not to say that Oscar is without cares or worries. He just doesn’t seem to have any. His slovenly lifestyle causes him to clash with his friend Felix after he opens up his home to the neat freak.

Felix Ungar – A tense, nervous man. He is newly divorced after 12 years of marriage. Always overly dramatic, his overwhelming despondence leads his friends to worry about his well-being, culminating in Oscar offering a place to stay. This proves to be a mistake, as Felix is the kind of man who cleans ashtrays while they’re still in use. He takes great pride in his cooking and as a host. While he means well, the weekly poker game stops being fun and starts being an annoyance due to Felix’s attempts at providing high-class service.

Murray – A laid back cop and the peacekeeper of the poker group. He is easily satisfied and seems a generally good man, though there are indications that his home life is anything but joyful. He takes pleasure in Felix’s hosting, gushing about the food while others just want to start playing cards. He may be jovial, but that doesn’t mean he lacks a spine to speak what’s on his mind.

Vinnie – The most mild-mannered of the poker group. He is soft-spoken and kind, which also means he’s picked on the most. He takes it in stride, however, and genuinely enjoys the time he gets for his game. There are indications that he might have the happiest home life of them all and finds plenty of time for vacations with his wife.

Speed – The hothead of the poker group. Everything needs to be fast and down-to-business. They’re there to play poker and smoke cigars–nothing will get in the way of his game without him having something to say about it. All minor inconveniences are a personal insult. He is sarcastic to a fault. But, you know, opposites attract, and he has his own place with this group of friends.

Roy – Oscar’s accountant and part of the poker group. He is a bit irritable, though not as harsh as Speed. He is the most level-headed, practical, and analytical, but he can also come across as apathetic in some regards. He is hard to please and will always find something wrong, but rather than dwell, he takes note and moves on.

Gwendolyn Pigeon and Cecily Pigeon – A pair of British sisters who agree to a double date with Oscar and Felix. They are bubbly and giggly, and despite a proper air about them, their understated jokes to each other tend to hint at a more sensually liberated side. They are well in-tune with each other, but they can be a bit baffling to others. They have good hearts, and once they warm up to him, they connect well with Felix. They are about a decade younger than the titular duo.

Production team:

– Produced by Chad Taylor & The Reilly Arts Center
– Directed by Sebastian Lombardo
– Written by Neil Simon
– Set by William Spratt

If you have questions, please email