First day of school quickly turns into rescue effort to save four trapped kittens

The first day of school Monday proved to be all about saving kittens at Fessenden Elementary School in Ocala.

That’s because the school’s resource officer, Dep. Chuck Etheredge, and several staff members quickly found themselves rescuing four young kittens from a storm drain on the school’s property. The kittens were trapped in the large drain and were wet and scared when the rescue effort started.

But Etheredge and those who helped him were patient and gentle as each kitten was plucked from the dirty water. Before long, all four were safe, getting dried off and receiving a lot of love.

One of the kittens went home with Etheredge, while the other three found a home with one of the school’s teachers – bringing to an end an exciting but rewarding first day of school at the facility, which is located at 4200 NW 89th Pl. in Ocala.

Four kittens that were trapped in a storm drain at Fessenden Elementary School were rescued Monday by Marion County Sheriff’s Dep. Chuck Etheredge and several staff members.