Ocala man admits to smacking his children’s mother with golf club

Darnell Gregory Headings

An Ocala man is in the Marion County Jail after admitting to striking his children’s mother with a golf club during an argument.

Darnell Gregory Headings, 31, was charged with aggravated domestic battery with a deadly weapon after the incident, which happened Thursday. Headings, who was previously charged with domestic battery in 2014, according to jail records.

An Ocala Police officer responded to Martin Luther King Park on West Silver Springs Boulevard, where the victim was with her children. The officer noticed the victim was walking with a limp, and she said Headings had hit her with the golf club during an argument at their home. The victim said Headings is the father of three of her children, according to the police report.

The victim said Headings came home from work and started a verbal argument about the house not being clean and there being no food for him. She said Headings picked up a golf club during the argument and threatened to hit her with it, and that she told him to hit her. The victim said she made the statement out of frustration over the constant problems the couple has been having, the report said.

The victim said Headings struck her twice with the club – once on each leg. She said two of her children tried to intervene and take the club away from Headings. The victim said she gathered six of her seven children, who were present during the incident, and walked to the park, leaving one child with Headings. EMS responded to the park due to the victim complaining about leg pain. They were able to cut the victim’s pant leg to expose where she was struck, and the officer observed bruising and swelling consistent with the victim’s account, according to the report.

The officer located Headings at King’s Food Store, 149 SW Martin Luther King Avenue, and he admitted to hitting the victim with the golf club after she told him to do it. He said he was frustrated after coming home from work to find the house dirty and no food for him. Headings said when he hit the victim, he didn’t believe he did it with enough force to cause bruises, the report said.

Headings is scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on Sept. 10.