Ocala woman accused of hitting man who was defending his pregnant wife

Johannie Torres

An Ocala woman was arrested for allegedly punching a man who was trying to defuse an argument between her and his pregnant wife.

Johannie Torres, 38, was charged with simple domestic battery after the incident, which happened Wednesday afternoon at her home on SW 32nd Terrace Road.

Torres told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy she was in an argument with the pregnant woman and started advancing towards her when the victim stepped between them and then pushed her out of the house. Torres admitted there was a physical struggle between her and the victim, but she denied punching or kicking him, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said Torres moved aggressively towards his wife and was cursing and screaming at her. He said he pleaded for her calm down and stop, but Torres continued being aggressive. The victim said he then grabbed Torres from under her arms and walked her outside to the garage. He said Torres punched him in the during the altercation. The victim said he never punched or kicked Torres, and that he was just trying to restrain her from harming his wife, the report said.

The victim’s wife said she was sitting on the couch when Torres came storming into the house in an aggressive manner, yelling for her to move out. She said Torres was throwing her arms around and getting in her face. At that point, the victim stepped in front of Torres and was trying to calm her down and get her to walk away. The victim’s wife was upset and said she believed Torres was going to hit her, according to the report.

An eyewitness who was in his room when the incident started said he heard yelling and screaming and came out of his room to see what was going on. He said he saw Torres going towards the victim’s wife in an aggressive manner with her hands in the air. The witness said he saw the victim step in front of Torres and try to calm her down, the report said.

The witness said he saw the victim grab Torres under the arms and walk her outside prior to the physical struggle in the garage. He said the victim was calm and just trying to prevent Torres from causing physical harm, according to the report.

Torres was taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released Thursday on her own recognizance.