Ocala man jailed after chasing apartment neighbors with machete

Hugo Gonzalez

An Ocala man was arrested after he chased several neighbors with a machete at the Village Green Apartments.

Ocala Police responded to the apartment complex, located at 500 SW 33rd Ave, shortly after midnight Sunday and immediately detained 29-year-old Hugo Gonzalez, who was standing in the driveway of his residence. Two of the alleged victims told an officer they were walking to a nearby gas station when they were approached by Gonzalez, who appeared intoxicated and was asking for one of their mothers, according to the police report.

The victims, who know Gonzalez due to him being a neighbor, said he initially pulled a kitchen knife from his waistband but went inside his residence and returned with a machete. They said he chased them down the street while swinging the machete. They said they were in fear for their lives and believed Gonzalez was trying to injure them, the report said.

Another neighbor said he was alerted about the disturbance and went outside to speak to Gonzalez because he knows Spanish. He said Gonzalez told him he didn’t have a problem with him, but then pulled a machete out from the waistband and chased him from the location, according to the report.

Two other witnesses said they saw Gonzalez chasing the victims down the street. The officer observed scrape marks on the driveway from where Gonzalez hit the driveway while swinging the machete, the report said.

Gonzalez told the officer he went to the incident location due to an ongoing issue with loud music and noise. He admitted he chased the victims with a machete and wanted to hurt them, according to the report.

Gonzalez was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. He was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was released later Sunday on $2,000 bond.