34-year-old Belleview man accused of battering 18-year-old girlfriend

Glen William McGrew

A 34-year-old Belleview man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly battering his 18-year-old girlfriend, despite her claims that he didn’t intentionally harm her.

Glen William McGrew was charged with simple domestic battery after the incident, which happened Saturday night at his residence on SE 110th Street Road. The victim’s sister, who reported the incident, told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that the victim didn’t want law enforcement to be involved and that she would lie to them, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim’s sister said she responded to the location to pick up the victim because the victim and McGrew were arguing and splitting up. She said that while packing, she saw McGrew grab the victim and “sling” her into a table in the living room. The deputy observed a small table that was slightly bent and damaged in the living room, the report said.

The victim’s sister said that later in the evening, the victim became upset over McGrew becoming intoxicated, and she got up and went to pour out the rest of a bottle of liquor, which upset McGrew. The victim’s sister said McGrew then charged after the victim and grabbed her from behind. She said she had this part of the altercation recorded on her cell phone, according to the report.

The video showed the victim walking briskly away from McGrew, and McGrew running after her. McGrew then grabbed the victim from behind momentarily before releasing her, at which time they both stormed off arguing. The victim’s sister said her brother gave McGrew a ride away from the incident location, the report said.

The victim denied being thrown into a table. She told the deputy that earlier, she grabbed McGrew’s shirt, and he spun around quickly and her pinky nail became snagged in his shirt and was ripped off. The deputy observed the victim’s pinky nail was injured and bleeding. The victim said at no point did McGrew intend to harm her and that her family was lying, according to the report.

The deputy found McGrew walking off SE 110th Street Road, just east of the incident location. He was visibly intoxicated, and he denied throwing the victim into a table and grabbing her from behind, the report said.

McGrew was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was being held Monday on $500 bond. He’s scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on Oct. 10.