The Marion County Search and Rescue team is hosting a bowling tournament fundraiser on Saturday, Aug. 24 from 2:30-5:30 p.m. at AMF Galaxy East (3225 SE Maricamp Rd.)

There will be 50/50, raffles and prizes. Cash awards will be given to the top three bowlers along with trophies.

This is a fundraiser for the all-volunteer Marion County Search and Rescue Team, a 501C-3 organization that serves all Marion County communities.

Forty Frame registration form needs to include your name, address, phone number, email, and the date and entry fee of $25.00 with optional 10th Frame “300” Share $5.00

Please make checks payable to: Marion County Search and Rescue
Registration forms can be either

Mailed to: Marion County Search and Rescue
56 Lake Diamond Blvd
Ocala, Fl, 34472

Dropped of at AMF Galaxy East
3225 SE Maricamp Rd
Ocala, Fl 34471

Early registration is encouraged to ensure your spot in this tournament and help the Marion County Search and Rescue Team. Same day walk-ins are welcomed

The Forty Frame Game ® is the world’s most unusual singles bowling tournament. It is a whole new bowl game and it’s the fastest growing bowling tournament in the nation. There is no plain frame in The Forty Frame Game. There are also opportunities for Bonus Points, Free Strikes and Second Chance Strikes. To add to the excitement, “Sour Grapes” frames present a special challenge ~ non-strike first balls cause a loss of pin count. Plus a strike in the “Big Kahuna” gets you a 25 pin bonus.

Forty game Features:

NO TAP 9 pins=strike SOUR GRAPES: No Strike = Minus two points per pin
SUPER SOUR GRAPES No Strike- Minus 5 points per pin BONUS STRIKE = 10 extra points BIG KAHUNA: Strike = 25 bonus points MULLIGAN: Don’t like first ball, shot it over

This is one continuous game, forty frames long, with unique scoring opportunities or pitfalls

10th Frame 300 Shares: $5.00 entry fee, If you throw the final three strikes in all four games you earn a 10th Frame “300 Share”