The Black Sheep on Broadway, a new bar in downtown Ocala, is looking to bring new life to an old location.

The bar, which received a permit from the City of Ocala’s Growth Management Department  on July 31, has been making renovations to the space that was formerly occupied by Fox Den Tavern.

Black Sheep on Broadway
The Black Sheep on Broadway will replace Fox Den Tavern at 128 SW Broadway St

Located at 128 SW Broadway, the new bar occupies the building adjacent to The Courtyard, a unique restaurant and bar known for its video and board game offerings.

According to corporate records with the state of Florida, the Fox Den Tavern was originally located in Inverness before making the move to Ocala in 2017. The restaurant officially opened its doors to the Broadway location in February of 2017.

After just over two years in business, the restaurant closed down officially this past April.

In June, the new owners of Black Sheep on Broadway, Amy Karp Cannatella and Meigan Sardinia, announced the name of the new restaurant and gave some additional details on its focus.

“We will be offering a full liquor bar including craft beer, wine and cocktails on top of some delicious cuisine,” said Sardinia in a Facebook post. “We are very excited for this adventure together and can’t wait for you all to see what we are bringing to downtown.”

Although Sardinia indicated that the restaurant was targeting an open date near the end of this month, it is possible that it will be pushed back as renovations continue.

Check back on in the coming weeks for updates on this and other projects coming to downtown Ocala.

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