Ocala pizzeria shuts doors and puts up ‘turn key’ sale, lease sign

A local pizzeria has shut its doors for good and has posted a “turn key” solicitation for business owners interested in buying or leasing the property.

La Famiglia Pizzeria, which is located at 2506 A SE 17th Street, has posted signs indicating the restaurant is closed until further notice, as well as a roadside sign advertising the sale through Clay Albright, Inc., a local real estate agency.

La Famiglia restaurant at 2506 SE 17th St is up for sale
La Famiglia restaurant at 2506 SE 17th St is up for sale

Specializing in pizza and Italian food, the restaurant enjoyed a relatively long run in the location dating back to 2015. This past December, the owner purchased and completed renovation on a food truck for the business. That same food truck was posted for sale earlier this month, according to Facebook posts from the owner.

La Famiglia food truck in Ocala, Florida
The owner of La Famiglia transformed a delivery truck into a food truck in December, 2018.

Ocala-News.com reached out to the owner for additional details but did not receive a response before the publication of this story.

Although no official details have been provided through the company’s website or social media, the restaurant joins two other nearby restaurants that have also decided to pack up shop in the last month.

Open Haus closed its doors at the beginning of the month after a brief run in a location that has seen multiple restaurants come and go in the past few years. Before closing its doors officially on August 5, the restaurant received over a dozen health inspection violations.

That same week, a report was released from the Florida Department of Health regarding an employee testing positive for Hepatitis A at the Charlie Horse Restaurant and Lounge. Days later, the owner disputed the close of the restaurant, but admitted that “sales have dropped dramatically” since media coverage of the food service worker suffering from hepatitis A first broke on August 6. A real estate agent for the property confirmed the following week that the Charlie Horse Restaurant and Lounge was in fact on the market for $799,000. 

Charlie Horse in Ocala
Charlie Horse at 2426 E Silver Springs Blvd is up for sale

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