Taco N Madre is one of the many must-try Mexican restaurants in Ocala.

Situated at the intersection of Pine Avenue and Silver Springs Boulevard, Taco N Madre has been serving up authentic Mexican cuisine for the last 15 years.

Taco 'N Madre in Ocala, Florida
Taco ‘N Madre is located at 80 N Pine Ave in Ocala, Florida

Taco ‘N Madre, which offers a drive through and delivery services through GrubHub, bitesquad, and doordash, has all of the traditional Mexican staples that make its menu 100% authentic.

Mexican barbacoa taco at Taco 'N Madre in Ocala, Florida
Mexican barbacoa taco at Taco ‘N Madre in Ocala, Florida

From drinks like horchata, a milky drink made from rice, to Jarritos, fruity carbonated beverages popular in Mexico, to classic dishes like tostadas, burritos, and tacos, Taco ‘N Madre is sure to satisfy diners looking tastes across the border.

Horchata at Taco 'N Madre
Horchata is one of the authentic Mexican drinks offered at Taco ‘N Madre

Those popular dishes come with a wide variety of meats, including favorites like carne asada (seasoned skirt steak) and al pastor, which is based on shawarma spit-grilled meat that was introduced to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants.

Carne asada burrito at Taco 'N Madre
The burritos at Taco ‘N Madre are large and come packed with a meat of your choice

Another authentic dish that might be a little less well-known are the sopes, which are made from masa that is fried and topped with vegetables and meat. The masa used by Taco ‘N Madre is the same masa used to make tamales and tortillas, which the restaurant makes from scratch on a regular basis.

Sope with Al Pastor at Taco 'N Madre
Sope with Al Pastor pork shoulder at Taco ‘N Madre

The restaurant also offers a couple of specialities that are only available on weekends, including menudo, a traditional Mexican soup, made with cow’s stomach in broth with a red chili pepper base.

A collection of “all day specials” give diners the opportunity to try out different combinations, and all of the specials are accompanied by rice and beans.

Carne asada tostada, rice, and beans at Taco 'N Madre in Ocala, Florida
Carne asada tostadas, rice and beans are one of the many specials available at Taco ‘N Madre

Taco ‘N Madre is open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., except on Sunday when it closes at 9:00 p.m.

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