A 42-year-old Ocala woman was jailed Wednesday night following an attack earlier this week on the dance floor of an Ocala bar.

Melisa Obeso, 42, of Ocala, was arrested Wednesday and charged with simple battery after an incident at the First & Last Tab, located at 3602 NE 8th Pl., in Ocala.

Ocala Police officers were called to the First & Last Tab, at 3602 NE 8th Pl., on Sunday and when they arrived, a woman told them that she had been dancing with her boyfriend when a woman later identified as Melisa Obeso, of Ocala, struck her in the face multiple times. The woman said she doesn’t know Obeso and has no idea what provoked the altercation, a police report says.

The woman said she eventually was knocked to the ground before the altercation was broken up. An officer photographed her injuries and she declined EMS treatment multiple times, the report says.

Several witnesses confirmed the woman’s story, with one claiming that Obeso pulled her ponytail while dragging her to the ground. Officers then watched video surveillance of the incident and noted that it “appeared to have occurred completely unprovoked” and was separated quickly by several bystanders.

Obeso’s boyfriend left his credit card at the bar and the officer was able to obtain his phone number. He spoke with him and the boyfriend confirmed that an altercation had taken place. The officer set up a time to meet him and Obeso at the police station to obtain statements but neither one showed up.

Obeso was taken into custody Wednesday night and charged with simple battery. She was released late Thursday morning on $1,000 bond and her next court date hasn’t yet been set.