Ocala man arrested after brawling with mother and brother

Christopher Allen Zullo

A 37-year-old Ocala man was arrested Monday after allegedly brawling with his mother and brother during a wild family spat.

Christopher Allen Zullo was charged with two counts of simple domestic battery. His mother told an Ocala Police officer she threw him out of her trailer on Sunday because he has a drug problem and wasn’t supposed to be there, according to the OPD report

Zullo’s mother said when Zullo tried to enter the residence, he shoved her out of the doorway and caused her to fall into the yard. She said that’s when she told him and his girlfriend they were no longer allowed on the property, the report said.

Zullo’s mother said she was awakened early Sunday morning by Zullo yelling and banging on the front door. Zullo and his girlfriend had set up a tent in the front lawn, and he and his mother got into a verbal altercation that woke up his brother, according to the report.

Zullo’s mother said she went outside with him still yelling at her, and he threw a full can of beer that struck her in the right ankle. Zullo’s brother said he saw Zullo throw the beer at his mother and it appeared he was charging at her and ready to hit her. He said he stepped in and told Zullo to back off, and when he continued to make threats, he struck him the head, the report said.

Zullo’s brother said Zullo then picked up a large rock and tried to hit him with it before throwing it at his mother. The two Zullo brothers then began to fight, causing Christopher Zullo to reopen several stitches on his hand from a prior hospital visit, according to the report.

A witness who observed the brothers fighting said she didn’t see who started the fight but that Christopher had been acting like an “asshole” all morning. She said she was unsure if he had even gone to bed and had been drinking all night while also taking Xanex, Klonopin, and Lortabs, the report said.

Zullo was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was being held Wednesday on $15,000 bond. He’s scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on Oct. 22.