Man jailed for allegedly selling woman’s car without her permission

Allen John Sibloski

An Ocala man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing a vehicle and selling it to a salvage yard for $100.

Allen John Sibloski, 32, of Almond Trail Lane, was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle and dealing in stolen property. The victim told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy on Sept. 13 that she did not give permission to Sibloski to tow her 2006 Ford Freestyle from her residence or give him permission to sell it to BFE Enterprises in Silver Springs, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The manager of BFE Enterprises told the deputy that Sibloski sold the vehicle to the company on Sept. 11 without the title, and that Sibloski signed a “derelict title” when he sold it. The manager said he had already submitted the forms to the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Belleview, the report said.

The deputy responded to the DMV office and obtained copies of the forms Sibloski signed. The “Application for an original/duplicate derelict motor vehicle certificate and request to cancel title” included the vehicle identification number for the Ford Freestyle and the purchase price of $100, as well as Sibloski’s signature and thumbprint, according to the report.

Sibloski told the deputy he didn’t sign a “derelict” form and it was only for towing the vehicle. He said he didn’t receive any money or any other form of payment for the vehicle. Sibloski said he was fired from his position shortly after sign the form stating the vehicle was towed to the location. He said he signed the form while customers were in front of him, so he was distracted, the report said.

The BFE Enterprises manager’s son said he witnessed the transaction and said Sibloski signed the form with his signature and his thumbprint without any customers present and he received $100 for the transaction, according to the report.

Sibloski was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was released Thursday on $7,000 bond. His next appearance in Marion County Court has not been scheduled.