Ocala man jailed for allegedly punching stepson in fight over light

Quincy Karron Jones

An Ocala man was charged with child abuse after his stepson told school officials that he punched him during a dispute about a light being left on.

An Ocala Police officer responded Wednesday to Westport High School, where the victim said that Quincy Karron Jones, 41, struck him twice with a closed fist during an argument at their residence on Monday, according to the police report.

The victim said Jones was angry about the laundry room light being left on and started yelling at the victim and his younger siblings, wanting to know who left it on. The victim said Jones accused him of talking back and being disrespectful before punching him twice, pinning him down on the bed and placing him in a choke hold, the report said.

The victim said he couldn’t breathe for an unknown amount of time. He said his brother and mother pulled Jones off him. The victim said he received injuries to the inside of his mouth, bruising on the right side of his neck, and scratches inside his right ear. The officer observed physical injuries that corroborated the victim’s statements, but he didn’t see any injuries inside the victim’s mouth, according to the report.

The officer went to the victim’s mother’s place of employment, where she said Jones got upset about the light being left on and got into a physical altercation with her son. She said Jones punched her son twice in the face, and that she pulled Jones off her son, the report said.

After being read his Miranda rights, Jones admitted to intentionally striking the victim but denied it was with a closed fist. He said he was very angry on the day of the incident because the light was left on inside the laundry room, according to the report.

Jones was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was released Thursday on his own recognizance, and he will appear in Marion County Court on Oct. 22.