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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Letter to the Editor: Clean up Silver Springs

I was born and raised in Ocala and have lived in Silver Springs for the last 35 years. The amount of drug activity that goes on in the hotel rooms, the streets, the sidewalks the stores, and open roadways in Silver Springs is absolutely disgusting. It’s so bad that I will drive straight through Silver Springs to get gas in Ocala because I’m afraid to stop at a brand new gas station, day or night. But night time, I have to say, is the worst. State Road 40 is not lit up well. The amount of people that I have seen hit by cars because they’re drugged out walking across the road or just don’t care is sad. Please clean Silver Springs up! I understand everyone needs a place to live but the hotels in Silver Springs are full of drugs.

Lori Peters
Silver springs

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