Marion County will offer residents the opportunity to apply for grants to be reimbursed for septic improvements.

The county attributes the opportunity to the community’s participation in the annual Run for the Springs 5K event last April, with all proceeds from the 5K going directly toward the funding of the program.

Residents may be reimbursed for septic system maintenance and repair. Home and business owners in unincorporated Marion County using septic systems are eligible for reimbursements through the 2019-2020 Run for the Springs grant program. Qualified applicants may receive up to $125 for septic system inspections and pumping by septic service professionals and up to $250 toward a septic system repair permit.

Anyone interested in applying for a grant application can print the application and submit to to Marion County government according to the instructions. 

For more information on available grants and reimbursements, contact Stormwater Management at 352-671-8686 or