Gabrielle Marie Koon

A 26-year-old Tierra Verde woman in town to visit her children was arrested for allegedly shoving an officer who was trying to get her to leave her mother’s condominium after causing a disturbance.

Gabrielle Marie Koon was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting without violence after the incident, which happened early Wednesday at the Marion Springs Condominiums.

Koon’s mother, who has custody of her children, told Ocala Police officers she and Koon had returned home from downtown Ocala after having a few adult beverages when Koon became loud and disruptive, according to the OPD report.

Koon’s mother said a neighbor had already come and asked if they could keep the noise down, referring to Koon talking very loudly and stomping around the upstairs condo. While officers spoke with Koon and tried to find a way for her to leave the apartment promptly and safely, she continued talking very loudly and was argumentative with everybody, including the officers, the report said.

As officers tried to calm Koon so she wouldn’t disturb the children sleeping in the condo, a young boy entered the living room. An officer approached the child and told him everything was OK and asked him to return to bed. Koon became extremely agitated and told the officer she had no right to tell her son what to do, according to the report.

Koon then decided she wanted to go see her son. As the officer tried to step aside to get out of her way, Koon pushed her to get by. The officer was not trying to stop her from going down the hallway or touching her in any way, the report said.

The officer told Koon to place her hands behind her back as she went to grab her right arm. Koon began trying to pull her arm away and stiffen her body to prevent the officer from placing her in wrist restraints. The officer placed Koon in a bent wrist lock and was able to place her in wrist restraints with the help of another officer, according to the report.

Koon was taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released later Wednesday on $6,000 bond. A court date has not been set.