Ocala man accused of roughing up girlfriend who busted him cheating

Cameron Reed Edwards

A 21-year-old Ocala man is accused of roughing up his girlfriend after she looked at his cell phone and discovered he was cheating on her.

Cameron Reed Edwards, of 5493 SW 84th Lane, was charged with simple domestic battery after the incident, which happened Wednesday. The victim came to the Ocala Police Department a short time afterwards to make a report.

The victim told an officer she and Edwards have been together for four years and have lived together in the past. She said she allowed him to spend Tuesday night at her apartment. The victim said while she and Edwards were sleeping in bed together, she woke up with his phone underneath her, according to the OPD report.

The victim said she was trying to check the time on the phone when she noticed a female was contacting Edwards. She began to read text messages between the two and found out Edwards was being unfaithful. She said she heard Edwards wake up and frantically look for his cell phone, the report said.

The victim said Edwards saw her looking at his phone and became so enraged that he stormed into the bathroom, grabbed her by the upper arms and shoulder area and pushed her, causing her to drop the phone. The officer observed a bloody scratch on the victim’s shoulder that was consistent with what she reported, according to the report.

The victim said Edwards picked his phone and screamed into her face, “Today’s the day I catch a charge for hitting a female!” She said she was in fear that Edwards was going to strike her after his statements and and he physically pushed her, the report said.

The victim said while Edwards was screaming and threatening her, she tried to push him away in his chest area, and he grabbed her right forearm and upper arms and pushed her in the stomach area. The argument continued for a few more minutes until Edwards asked the victim for a ride home. She said she’d give him a ride, but when he walked out the apartment door, she locked him out. That was the last she saw of Edwards before she went to the police department, according to the report.

An officer and a pair of Marion County sheriff’s deputies contacted Edwards at his residence, where his account of the incident was similar to the victim’s, except he said he never grabbed her arm or touched her. The officer told him due to the victim’s injury and the corroboration of their two stories, probable cause was established for his arrest, the report said.

Edwards said his foot was struck by the phone during the incident and he wanted to pursue charges against the victim. The officer told him that was not enough to establish probable cause. Edwards was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he was released Thursday on $2,000 bond. He’ll appear in Marion County Court on Oct. 22.