Soda-throwing Citra woman accused of yanking lanyard off man’s neck during spat over vehicle

Tonya Marie Kutcher

A 36-year-old Citra woman was charged with simple domestic battery Thursday after she allegedly yanked a lanyard off a man’s neck and threw a “Polar Pop” at him during an argument over a vehicle they jointly own.

The victim told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that Tonya Marie Kutcher was arguing with him about little things and that he didn’t care about a minor injury she had sustained. He said there was also a dispute about the vehicle, and he had the keys on a lanyard around his neck, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said he told Kutcher he was leaving to go fishing, and when he tried to leave, Kutcher blocked the doorway. He said Kutcher then grabbed the lanyard with the keys and pulled hard, causing it to break. The victim said once Kutcher had the keys, she moved out of the way, the report said.

The victim said he walked out the front door, down the steps of the front porch and into the front yard. He said Kutcher then threw the Polar Pop, which struck him while he was in the front yard. The victim said he called the sheriff’s office and waited for deputies to arrive. He said he didn’t have any visible injuries, according to the report.

The deputy observed a Styrofoam drink cup lying on the soft grass in the front yard near the front porch. The cup was broken as if it had been thrown or crushed, the report said.

Kutcher told the deputy there was a dispute over the vehicle because the victim had removed the license plate from it and had the keys around his neck. She said the victim told her he was going to leave and take the car to go fishing, according to the report.

Kutcher said she blocked the doorway to prevent him from taking the car. She said the victim pushed her on her chest area and while she was moving backwards, she grabbed the lanyard around his neck to keep herself from falling, the report said.

Kutcher said the lanyard broke and she kept the keys. She said she held onto the keys and told the victim she would give them to him if he gave her the license plate to the vehicle. She said the victim exited the residence while she remained inside, according to the report.

The deputy asked Kutcher if there was any altercation in the area of the front yard and she said no. The deputy then asked if anyone threw anything at anyone and she said no. When asked why the Styrofoam cup was lying in the front yard, she said it was hers and she dropped it earlier after walking a significant distance from the store where she got it, the report said.

Kutcher said she might have redness on her chest. The deputy observed there was some slight redness, however it was faint and difficult to determine if it was caused by the victim pushing Kutcher, according to the report.

Kutcher was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released Friday on her own recognizance. She’s scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on Dec. 3.