Silver Springs man accused of battering woman over her friend

Scott David Pick

A 60-year-old Silver Springs man who spent two weeks in the Marion County Jail on a domestic battery charge earlier this year is back behind bars on similar charges after a dispute with a woman who had a friend over he doesn’t like.

Scott David Pick was charged with battery (second or subsequent offense) and criminal mischief with damage between $200 and $1,000 after the incident, which happened the night of Oct. 31. Pick spent 14 days in jail in April for allegedly battering a man who criticized him for not having a job.

A witness told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that his girlfriend, the victim, had a friend over that Pick didn’t like. The witness said there was an argument and he saw Pick strike the victim in the face. He said Pick also turned over a table and slammed a cooler into the back of a vehicle, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim told the deputy she and Pick argued over a friend she had over and they told Pick to go inside, which he initially did. The friend then left the residence. He came out a short time later and struck her vehicle, causing a dent on the right-rear portion, and then struck the trunk with a cooler, causing a dent and scratch, the report said.

The victim said Pick then approached her and struck her on the right side of her face. She said she went inside her home and locked the door. The deputy observed what appeared to be slight swelling just below the victim’s right eye, as well as a dent and scratch on her vehicle, according to the report.

A computer check showed Pick has a prior conviction in February 2009 for domestic battery by strangulation on a person 65 or older. Pick, who appeared heavily intoxicated, told the deputy he didn’t want to speak with him. He said he did what he did and wanted to hurry up and get to the jail, the report said.

Pick is being held on $2,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Marion County Jail on Dec. 3.