Historic fire bell restored, returned to downtown Ocala

The historic fire bell that once sat in Ocala’s fire house over 100 years ago has been returned to its former downtown home.

The newly restored bell sits at the corner of SE Broadway Street and SE Osceola Avenue, where Ocala’s original firehouse stood

The bell was unveiled on Thursday, November 14 as part of the city’s grand opening ceremony for the Osceola Trak, a new multi-modal path that connects Tuscawilla Art Park with downtown Ocala. The bell will be one of many landmarks and businesses that will be featured along the Osceola Trak.

On the bell itself is inscribed information about its location and history:

The bell, which is dated 1889, was originally located on the corner of Osceola Avenue and Fort King Street. In 1894, it was placed in the bell tower of the new fire station, where it remained for nearly a century. The bell was rung when fires occurred, at noon each day and on Saturday evenings at 9 o’clock to signal the store merchants of closing time. 

The bell currently sits at the intersection of SE Broadway Street and SE Osceola Avenue, just adjacent to the downtown parking garage.