Umatilla man accused of knocking out woman’s tooth in nasty spat

Michael William Flake

A 33-year-old Umatilla man was arrested after he allegedly knocked out a woman’s tooth during a nasty domestic spat on Sunday.

The victim told Marion County sheriff’s deputies that Michael William Flake came home from drinking with her brother at around 6:30 p.m. and started an argument with her. She said Flake grabbed her from the couch and threw her onto the floor, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said while they were on the floor, Flake held her down and punched her three times in the face with a closed fist, knocking out one of her teeth. She said she was able to use her weight and roll on top of Flake, and he then bit her and got away from the victim, the report said.

The victim said Flake continued to throw things at her until deputies arrived. The deputies observed the spot in the victim’s mouth where the tooth was knocked out, as well as a red mark on her upper lip, according to the report.

Flake agreed to speak with deputies at first but then said, “I’m just going to keep my mouth shut.” He was charged with felony domestic battery and taken to the Marion County Jail. He was released early today on $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Marion County Court on Dec. 31.