Silver Springs Shores man accused of battering woman and resisting arrest

Godford L. Solomon

A 63-year-old man from Silver Springs Shores was arrested Thursday night after he allegedly slapped a woman in the face during an argument over his recent medical procedures.

Godford L. Solomon was charged with simple domestic battery and resisting an officer without violence after the incident. He was released Friday from the Marion County Jail on his own recognizance and is slated to appear in Marion County Court on Jan. 14.

A witness told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy she saw Solomon hit the woman across the face with an open hand, causing her to fall to the ground. The witness said she was in such fear of Solomon that she ran and locked herself in her room with a knife and called 911, according to the sheriff’s office report.

Solomon was sitting at the kitchen counter separating his medicine and needles when the deputy asked him to stand up and place his hands above his head so he could be patted down for weapons. While he was being patted down, Solomon pulled a way and reached towards the kitchen counter. He was brought to the ground by the deputy, where he resisted commands to roll over and place his hands behind his back. Solomon was detained and taken to the patrol vehicle, the report said.

The victim said she was arguing with Solomon about his recent medical procedures when he hit her on the left side of her face with his open right hand. She said she fell backwards onto the ground. She said she didn’t lose consciousness, but her face was burning and her shoulder hurt, according to the report.

The deputy observed a large mark on the victim’s face that was consistent with her statement. After being read his Miranda rights, Solomon declined to answer any questions or give any statements.