Help Honey Packs ease children into foster care with dignity, love

Honey Packs, a local non-profit organization that helps ease children into foster care, is in need of help from the community.

The organization is the passion project of Dani Braun. Bruan’s work within the foster care industry left her yearning to help ease the transition of children going into foster care or switching between homes. After consistently seeing that many of the children were in need of basic necessities, clothing, every day hygiene items, and extras that they could call their own (e.g., toys, journals, etc.), Braun decided to step in and create Honey Packs.

“These children deserve a sense of dignity. They deserve to not have to ask someone they just met for a pair of socks or a tampon. They deserve to feel at least a little bit at home,” says the Honey Packs website.
The organization creates packs that are filled with clothing, personal care items, and everything else they receive as donations to help make foster children more at ease with their new surroundings.

“We got placement of two babies last night. They arrived in diapers. That’s it” says one testimony from a foster parent on the Honey Pack website. The organization has testimonial after testimonial from foster parents who take children in with virtually nothing in their possession. Foster parents taking children in at all hours of the night might not have the correct clothing sizes or sufficient personal care items.

The list of items needed to fill the packs is extensive, and Honey Packs is always in need of the following physical donations:

Baby (Under 2 years of age): Diaper bag, onesies/socks, diapers, baby blanket, baby bath products, baby washcloths, baby lotion, diaper wipes, diaper ointment or baby powder, baby bibs, baby safe stuffed animal, pacifier, baby book, baby bottles, formula.

Children/teens: duffel bags or backpacks, pajamas, spare outfits, socks/underwear, small blankets, small towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrushes, lotion, soap, body wash, deodorant, tampons/pads, hair-ties, chapstick, journals, pens, pencils, books, stuffed animals, toys, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, books, snacks.

For those interested in helping the organization in its efforts to improve the lives of foster children, please visit the Honey Packs website, follow the Honey Packs Facebook page or Instagram, or add them as a preferred charity on Amazon Smile. For any questions, please contact Dani Braun at (352)-414-6389 or via email at

To make a monetary donation to the organization, visit the Honey Packs webpage through GivingFuel, or contribute to the Honey Packs Amazon wishlist.